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Here's why I hate Tuesdays: everything bad seems to happen on a Tuesday. Whenever something big happens that changes my life or that of people around me, it's on a Tuesday.

Want examples? My uncle died on a Tuesday, his funeral was on a Tuesday. 9/11 was on a Tuesday, try and top that!

Why is it always Tuesdays? Here's my theory: on Monday, everybody is still sobering up from the weekend - some literally, others just need the day to adjust to the idea that it's another horrid working week and 5 more days to go until Friday. But on Tuesdays, everyone's back to their routine and try to give it their best shot so the week will be productive - and over sooner because you don't feel time flying by when you've got a lot of work to do. That's why they all wait for Tuesday to give you your assignments, make you copy stuff that'll be needed ASAP and tell you the really important stuff they forgot to tell you about on Monday.


Today is a perfect example of a typical Tuesday: got to work - auntie drove me, always a treat! - and the first person I met was Sabine. As Tuesdays go, it couldn't have been better. Then she told me her immune system is down because of EBV - bad news for someone who's sporty and has her final exams to prepare for. Her boss is suffering from a severe cold, but dragged himself to work anyway. Men! He can't take a cold, and so he tried to get everyone's pity and when he didn't get it, bullied them around. Just a normal day so far.

11ish, Christian came to my desk in the library (no, I hadn't got any work done by that time) and asked me whether my flatmate was looking for someone to take his room. Of course, I said he didn't. Then Christian asked whether my flatmate was called Sven S, and gave me the address. Then he told me he'd just answered Sven's ad when he realised that I must be the quiet and easygoing PhD-student referred to in the ad. He told me where to look in StudIP, and there it was: 


Zimmer ab 1.12., ggf. auch früher (15.11.):
Es handelt sich um ein etwa 19qm großes Zimmer, zusätzlich ein Wohnzimmer, eine riesige Küche und ein Bad. Außerdem wohnt dort noch eine Doktorandin in einem anderen Zimmer.
Es ist also nicht so richtig WG- wer eine Party- WG sucht, für den ist es nicht das Richtige! Die Lage ist ruhig und dennoch nah der Uni- in Watzenborn- mit dem Rad oder Bus sind es 15 Minuten zur Uni!
Außerdem gibts einen Riensengarten dazu. Die Warmmiete beträgt € 320,-.
Der Zustand der Wohnung ist sauber und gepflegt- ein Teil der Möbel kann ggf. auch übernommen werden. Es ist also eine Dreizimmer- Küche- Bad- Wohnung mit Garten, die du dir mit einer sehr ruhigen Doktorandin teilen würdest!
Bei Interesse einfach melden!

Hier der Link:
erstellt von Sven S. | gültig bis bis 05.12.2012


And that's only where the trouble began. At the flatsharing website, Sven's written that pets are allowed - which they aren't. That had prompted Christian to react to Sven's ad. I told Christian that I was pretty sure we were allowed a cat, but no dogs and that I'd have to look at our contract first.

After some time in denial, which was at least conducive to my paper on the e-mail novel, I started thinking. Things aren't that easy. Much as I would love to have Christian, and occasionally his dogs, as a flatmate, I'll probably be moving out next June at the latest, and then I'd have to get HIM another flatmate who, even if our landlord allowed Christian to bring the dogs, would have to live with that...

The easiest option, of course, would be to go back to Giessen and live at auntie's until the time has come to go north. But I hate the fact that that would me that Sven sort of kicked me out of my home, or at least decided when it was time for me to go. 

Of course, I went to see our landlord and told him about the whole thing when I got home, though I'd have loved to put it off. He was furious, quote: "You can tell him he can take his things and go, I don't want to see him here again. If I see him, I'll castrate him!" ("Dem polier ich die Eier, wenn ich ihn seh'!" ) I told him he needn't worry, I'd take care of that. 

Now, to be fair, our landlord was very nice to me afterwards and said he could offer me the apartment in the house opposite for a special price, or that I could stay provided I find another (female) colleague who proves more responsible and normal than Sven has. Well, none of my colleagues are normal, or if they are, they already have nice flats of their own, so that's that.

 The funny thing is, I'm between laughing and crying fit by now. Phoned all the family and some friend and told them. Thankfully, they are all supportive and apart from Dad they all called Sven an arsehole, which felt rather nice.


Now here's the weird thing: it's not just bad things that happened today! I mean, Christian told me and he'd have been a great flatmate. Mum said that R. wants to give his daughter's kittens away for free and asked whether I want one, and Ute already said it would be an interesting thing to have Sandy AND a cat in the house - just when this summer I decided I might like to have a cat and our landlord told me I could have one.


Isn't it just weird, how bad thing happen - usually on Tuesdays - but the good things that happen stand out even more? Guess that's why they call it a mixed bag...


6.11.12 20:55

quarter-life djungle

Ein kleines Institut an einer mittelgroßen Uni irgendwo mitten in Deutschland - man nennt es liebevoll auch das Institut, das Verrückte macht. Neben einer kleinen Besetzung an Lehrenden, die teils wechseln, teils fest hier angesiedelt sind, besucht, bevölkert und belebt durch mehrere Dutzend Studenten, alle in ihren frühen bis späten Zwanzigern - in der quarter-life-Phase eben. 

All diese Personen verbringen einen nicht gerade kleinen Teil ihrer Zeit hier, zwischen Lernen und Feiern, Planung und Verpeiltheit, Aufgehen im Fach und Aporie. Es menschelt hier, es wird sich verbandelt, geturtelt, gedisst, konspiriert, koordiniert, gelegentlich unerfolgreich kommuniziert, und so manches Mal fragt man sich, ob man es hier mit seriöser Wissenschaft zu tun hat, oder ob man sich nicht eher in einem Dschungel menschlichen Miteinanders befindet, das als kleinsten gemeinsamen Nenner die Studienfächer hat. Und mittendrin, am Ende des Flurs, in bester Position, um eine Menge mitzukriegen: ich.

27.6.12 14:12

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